Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Coleman® 60 Quart C-Tec™ Performance Wheeled Cooler

I took this cooler camping the first weekend I received it, and it performed great in its duties! YES! it's with wheels. I love having this as a backup for camping and it often gets used first because we sometimes need to take a walk to the site when we arrive. This easily holds most of what we need and keeps it cold and any ice we pack in stays ICE for a long time. I will continue to use this cooler in my future endeavors. The cooler is quite spacious for two people camping two full days in about 90-degree heat. Actually, I could have added more than two bags of ice, as two bags of ice and more than enough drinks and snacks took up about half the cooler or not much more for the two-day trip. I pulled it over some rugged terrain testing out the wheels while crossing my fingers, and they rolled with no problem. I did notice, which is no big deal but perhaps worth mentioning, the handles on either side seemed to me a bit lacking and difficult to grip when lifting, and you have to make sure when whoever is using the cooler understands they need to push the lid down firmly, otherwise it remains about a quarter to half an inch open. It is nice to be able to put cups in top cupholders. It is very lightweight but durable. This cooler is great to take to the festivals, picnics or any events. The wheels are durable and respond well to a fairly uneven terrain. The one thing I would change would be the handle design it seems a little on the flimsy side but has held up so far. In general, I am very happy and pleased with it. I took this Coleman Cooler camping and dragged it all over rocks and rough terrain, and it stayed solid! I was impressed that the wheels could take the beating! Ice stayed ICE for the 2 days I was there! This is a great cooler..I highly recommend it! I received a free sample of the Coleman® 60 Quart C-Tec™ Performance Wheeled Cooler to review and wow I love it!!!