Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Coleman® QuickBed® Air Mattress Single High Queen with Pump

Coleman has been a quality product and brand for years, especially with outdoor equipment. I needed a mattress for camping. This mattress was PERFECT, yes each night its was beneficial to add a little air. I love the mattress it serves a dual purpose for guest visiting and camping. The pump inflates and has a deflating function so no more squeezing the air out with your knees or rolling from one end to the other. The top is made of an antimicrobial sleep surface the bottom (red) is a plastic texture. I am very comfortable sleeping on it, and it has been very durable. We also pull it out for the occasional sleep over and it is good for that too. The longest we've used the mattress at any one time was six nights, and it worked fine. It inflates fast, can be adjusted to be firmer or softer and have stood up to the abuse of the 2 smaller kids age 3 and 5 years old jumping on it. I love that it does roll up into the carrying case which makes it easy to store and carry. I highly recommend it for the short camping trip. This Coleman air mattress is so comfortable and large enough for two people. So far, it has held air throughout the night, which is always an issue from time to time with some other brands. I've generally found Coleman makes a good product. I had an air mattress just like this once before. Had it for years, never sprung a leak, held air quite well. I expect the same reliability from this one. One thing I really like about this is how portable it is. It wraps up into an easy to handle pouch and comes with a pump with a cord that you have to plug in somewhere. Luckily I have a Power Inverter I Could use for camping to plug in my cigarette lighter in the auto if I so desired. Excellent mattress. The large size is great. It holds air well and stays very firm. I received a free sample of this Coleman® QuickBed® Air Mattress to review “Overall, I liked the mattress because it was comfortable, holds air and stayed firm. I did find one feature that could be improved I preferred a battery operating the pump with a charger.