Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kellogg's Origins Cereal / Kellogg's Origins Granola.

Kellogg's Origins Cereal. Absolutely one of best tasting , wholesome cereals on the market and great for you. ANCIENT GRAINS–FANTASTIC!!!
Kellogg's Origins Granola. This new Kellogg's Ancient Grains Granola was an interesting variation on many of the Granola products I currently eat and I wasn't disappointed. it was different in that the size of the grains in the product were smaller than what I was accustomed to as were the fruit pieces. To be perfectly honest, I prefer the granola made by Quaker Oats because it's easier to eat as a snack. But, I'll probably try this Kellogg's Granola again just to make sure.

Got to try it free compliments of Vocalpoint in return for my honest opinion #KelloggsOrigins