Monday, November 16, 2015

Brainstream Singing breakfast

The Beep Egg Timer is cute and it works! The bottom line is that it showed me how much time I needed to cook a chilled egg right from the refrigerator into a pot of cold water, brought to a full boil to the soft-to-medium soft doneness that I want. All this in a total elapsed time of 10-minutes (perfection)it sings in stages. 3 different songs. Once you know how much time it takes to get your eggs to preferred perfection, you just time it. (In a sense, you won't need the Beep Egg after you know how much time it takes but let me say, after reading numerous cookbooks, the Beep Egg was the easiest, most accurate method I've found and it is worth having a round. The Ines Rosales Tortas (Sweet olive) was a huge hit with EveryOne in who has tried them.  Got to try it free my friend and I. Thanks Tryazon