Sunday, September 20, 2015

iHealth Party

So I got this very cool, very sleek wireless analysis scale, it's very state of the art! It has many cool features and it has a slim cool appearance, plus it's lightweight and goes unnoticeable. Making it a great add on addition to any modern bathroom. If you're into the latests gadget and a health nut or just want to stay healthy or get in shape, this wireless core body analysis scale is for you! It has many different features you can use to keep your weight on track or if you are getting in shape and have a target weight goal. Before you get started though, you must first download the ihealth 2.0 app on your apple or android device. Create an account, connect to wifi, then scan the barcode located on the back of the scale so you will be able to sync the scale to the phone using the app, once you've set everything up you will be able to start using the app and scale together, it's an easy step by step process and takes about ten minutes to complete. It's compatible with other phones too, just read the directions on how to set up other phones with the scale, it's simple. The features you can use on this scale is body water, room temperature and humidity, lean mass, bone mass, daily calorie intake, weight, and muscle mass. Each measurements is located on your account on the ihealth app. Just click on weight>trends and all the information will be there for each measurements, it's an easy and fun way to keep track of your daily measurements. This scale has everything you need to set your weight goal, be healthy, and keep your weight in track! I'm so excited to have this now, I'm getting back in shape and this hi tech nifty gadget will help me reach my weight goal!!! Woohoo Got it FREE and will be Hosting a party compliments of ‪#‎tryazon‬ and ‪#‎ihealth‬ Thx..... my friends and I had a ball.